Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Mowbray Bowling and Social Club.

Do I need my own bowls to come and play bowls?
Not at all! If you want to learn, or try the sport to see if you like it, then the club has bowls which you can use.

Isn’t bowls a very stuffy game for old people?
This is a popular misconception and completely incorrect. Our members range in age from their 20’s to their 80’s! Their are provincial and national level games for Under-19’s and Under-30’s. It really is a sport for all ages. Have a look at some of the pictures in our Gallery for a look at some of our events.

Do I need to buy a set of white clothing and special shoes to play?
No! Not as a social or club member. At Mowbray you can wear pretty much anything you like, the only real issue being shoes. You have to have flat soled shoes with no heel so as to not damage the green – or you can play barefoot! Only if you starting playing competitive bowls are their dress requirements which differ for different events.