2022 Personal Trust Mowbray Lucky Cup

Welcome to the Mowbray Bowling and Social Club.

2022 Personal Trust Mowbray Lucky Cup

All the winners from the 2022 Tournament!


Alan LofthouseJames WhitbyCraig Whitby
Brad van BeugeTheo vd WaltJenny Wade
Brett van EyssenJuanita HuysamenCarl Marshall
Bruno MercorioBrian IkinJules Horak
David AherneDerek KielyRichard Craddock
Deena MoodleyLeslie SampsonColin Sampson
Errol ManuelBarbs TaylorSylvia Burns
Frikkie PretoriusOtilia du RandDarryl Thorburn
Kevin NashScruffy BradshawLyndel Daly
Geoff ChaitJay MendelsohnFarrel Cohen
Teresa TallackRehette ErasmusChantelle Erasmus
Johnny de SousaFerdi AlvesVigo Alves
Marcelle de JonghAndre de JonghOwen Rosslind
Mark DouglasClaire CowanMo Louw
Mark GibbsNeil BurkettGreg Nasson
Mike BlackerAnn BlackerDion Johnson
Neil JonesTrevor KiddJose Hilario
Karl WeberPaul ShamesGray Collier
Paulina DockendorffMarianna KirstenKen Chadwick
Peter CottrellHenry van NoortKaren van Noort
Peter HarrisCraig BeckwithDave Milne
Peter TodtRichard TodtCraig Fisher
Taz BrightCorne NaudeColleen Marshall
Tom van VlaanderenWade PretoriusCarlo Prins

Invitations and Entries

We are very lucky to have a lot of interest in entering the Lucky Cup every year, and we are very grateful for this. It does, however, often put us in an awkward situation where we cannot accept entries from everyone who wants to participate.

We have continued with the system implemented a couple of years ago, whereby Skips who have entered teams 5 years in a row get an early invitation. To this list we have added a few major sponsors.

After these invites are sent out, we have asked them to let us know whether or not they are entering within 24 hours. Please note that invitations are not transferable!

If we have any open spaces after that, we will accept entries from anyone else who would like to play.

Entry Lucky Draw

As nearly everyone is aware, Mowbray is always looking for new and different ways of doing things – and we are doing this again with all the remaining entries received this year (after the invitees). We are moving away from the first come, first served approach so commonly used.

We will accept any entries until Tuesday 20 September, and then will have a Lucky Cup Lucky Draw to allocate the places that remain open!

Lucky Draw Update

We had 24 teams apply to take the remaining 7 spaces and did a Lucky Draw to allocate the remaining spots. Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in our competition! The response was both overwhelming and heartwarming.

Conditions of Play

Conditions of Play are subject to change until published in our event program, but they have been pretty constant over the last three tournaments.


  • 3 bowl Trips
  • 3 games of 16 ends per day
  • No trial ends, but only 1 shot can be scored on the first end of each game


  • 1 point per end won
  • 4 points for winning the game

Power Play

One end in each game will be a Power Play end, where any shots scored are doubled.

  • Game 1 – end 11
  • Game 2 – end 12
  • Game 3 – end 13
  • Game 4 – end 14
  • Game 5 – end 15
  • Game 6 – end 16


  • First round will be a random pre-draw
  • Subsequent rounds will be strength vs strength

Sections and Prizes

At the Lucky Cup, everyone wins a prize, from position 1 to 24. As such, we will not be dividing teams into two sections. You can play until the last game to move up the table and qualify for better prizes!