2019 Annual Awards Dinner and Centenary Celebrations

Welcome to the Mowbray Bowling and Social Club.

2019 Annual Awards Dinner and Centenary Celebrations

The second annual Awards Mowbray Bowling Club Awards Dinner was held on Friday 12 July 2019. This year the dinner incorporated our Centenary Celebration.

Members, past and present, got together at the venue of one of our club sponsors, Vasco da Gama Taverna, to celebrate the years achievements, looking back on 100 years of bowling and looking forward as our club continues to grow.

Merit and Achievement Awards

Club Champion - Drawn PairsAnne Blacker and Peter Todt
Club Champion - Novice MenPaul Shames
Club Champion - Novice WomenClaire Cowan
Club Champion - Open WomenTaz Bright
Club Champion - Open MenJoel Roëbert
Flag/Muter Player or Team of the YearLadies A Team
Most Improved PlayerTria Tapper
Outstanding Achievement 2019Joel Roëbert
SA Masters Silver
Novice Player of the YearPeter Harris
Veteran Player of the YearSylvia Burns
Player of the YearJoel Roëbert
Club Member of the YearTaz Bright
Players' Player of the YearRichard Todt
Mark Douglas

Service Awards

Service Awards are presented for outstanding service to the club, to individuals who go above and beyond what could normally be expected in their loyalty and commitment to Mowbray.

Jules Horak
For the enormous amount of work he does behind the scenes, particularly on the legal front.
This was the second year in a row that Jules was presented with a Service Award and the Committee also awarded him with Honorary Life Membership.

Other Awards

The Frank Sinatra Award
There is never a shortage of advice around in bowls – some good, some bad, and a lot that should be taken with a pinch of salt.
BUT – there are some basics that apply in the singles game – most especially “choose your hand and stick to that hand”.
This award goes to the bowler who completely ignored that advice (in the infancy of his bowling career) and still made it to the quarter-finals of the Novice Singles.

Winner: Peter “I did it may way” Harris who got a CD with a recording of the Frank Sinatra song!

It is always a challenge when two disparate sports are combined. You never know what may happen – and it can get surprisingly dangerous! This award is for a member who managed to combine biking with football – being knocked off his scooter when a soccer ball hit him in the head!

The Neymar/Rossi award was presented to Willy Cunningham – who was presented with a few metres of bubble wrap.

Guess who’s back, back again
Annie’s back! tell a friend
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
guess who’s back…

After a long stint off the green, she has returned to the Mowbray ladies fold.
We have to celebrate the fist-pumping legend that is Annie Blacker!
She brings us bowls, wine, laughter and general craziness!
After a couple years off the green, this past Bergvliet and Constantia pro, assisted with the Mowbray revival into first muter division. An inspiration, a friend and assistant coach to all – we cannot be more blessed to have you at our club… Even if you have to bring Mike as well.

The Farmer Brown Award
For wearing the shortest shorts, for THAT hat and for his agricultural bowls which saw him play in every Flag team from A to C…

Winner: Warren Povey – who was awarded with 6 eggs.

Some of us take strain over a Club Classic tournament which has six games over two days – others take this in their stride – very few of us strode 90 kilometres in day though!
The Iron Woman award goes to Claire Cowan

The Ignominy Award – for bringing the club into disrepute
We often tease Joel about how slow he is on the mat, and there are a lot of chirps about him at tournaments (although it should be mentioned that we don’t tolerate members of other clubs complaining about him!)
But we now have a new contender at Mowbray for the Slowest Player in the world award, working hard to bring Mowbray into disrepute…

Winner                      Paul Shames who was presented with a can of Red Bull

The Eternal Optimist
It does not matter whether it is a beautiful evening, the temperature sitting at around 30 degrees and the sky a deep shade of blue… or a bitterly cold 6 degrees, with an arctic wind blowing icy needles of rain horizontally across the green… we can always be assured of being invited to pop in for a Sundowner at the club!

This award goes to Peter Todt for his sheer optimism and unbridled enthusiasm (with a special mention to GML who is always happy to join him).

Peter was presented with a bag of cocktail umbrellas – so every drink can be a Sundowner

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