Club Fire

Welcome to the Mowbray Bowling and Social Club.

Club Fire

On Sunday 18 April 2021 a fire spread across Table Mountain and into the UCT campus. A number of historic buildings caught alight, and some of them were completely destroyed.

Amongst the building was the Mowbray Club House. We were fortunate in that a fire truck was using Chapel road to try and gain access to a house that had been reported burning behind our Club. As they passed the Club House they noticed that the roof was on fire and pulled over to attend to it, calling for another truck to go to the house!

As bad as the damage is, it could have been far worse if not for them passing by at just the right moment.

That said, the fire damage is extensive and the Club House is unusable until extensive repairs have been done.

In a wonderful display of community, other Bowling Clubs throughout the WP District have been quick to respond and offer their greens for members to use during the repair process. We have also been inundated with offers of assistance with fund raising and will coordinating our efforts over the next few weeks.

We are grateful to the Fire Department and all the Firefighters who not only came to our assistance, but who fought the fires in terrible conditions for three days.

We have a magnificent group of dedicated members and they are what make Mowbray so special. We believe that we will emerge from this setback stronger and more united than ever.

We cannot list everyone who has offered assistance yet, as we would hate to leave anyone out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each and everyone one of you – our Club Members, individuals from other Clubs and other Club Committees and their Members!

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