2020 All Cape

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2020 All Cape

The draws are out for the 2020 All Cape Tournament. The Women’s and Men’s tournaments run concurrently, but separately this year.

Teams play in sections of 10, with the top three teams going through to the Cup, Bowl and Plate playoffs.

The tournament runs from Sunday 29 March to Saturday 4 April 2020.

Mowbray Members – Women

Taz, Jene, Tilly, Cathy
Sun – Constantia
Mon – Bergvliet
Tue – Glen
Wed – Meadowridge
Thu – Bergvliet

Wendy, Claire, Maire, Tria
Sun – Constantia
Mon – WPCC
Tue – Plumstead
Wed – Glen
Thu – Meadowridge

Mowbray Members – Men

Wade, Dave vdw, Warren H, Tom
Sun – WPCC
Mon – Meadowridge
Tue – Constantia
Wed – Plumstead
Thu – Plumstead

Mark, Mike, Hampo, Thumper
Sun – WPCC
Mon – Constantia
Tue – Meadowridge
Wed – WPCC
Thu – Glen

Richard, Peter, Craig F, Scruffy
Sun – Glen
Mon – Plumstead
Tue – WPCC
Wed – Bergvliet
Thu – Constantia

Biskit, Dave M, Bruno, Greg
Sun – Meadowridge
Mon – Constantia
Tue – WPCC
Wed – Plumstead
Thu – Constantia


Downloads – Mowbray Teams

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