2018 Mowbray/Camps Bay Midweek Trips

Welcome to the Mowbray Bowling and Social Club.

2018 Mowbray/Camps Bay Midweek Trips


The second annual midweek trips is on from 6 June 2018 to 11 July 2018.


Results and Standings


The Conditions of Play are as follows:

  • 3-bowl trips over 18 ends
  • Scoring will be done on the rink boards
  • No trial ends ā€“ only 1 shot on each of the first two ends
  • Burnt ends will be spotted on the 2m
  • First round will be a blind draw
  • Subsequent rounds will be strength vs strength


  • The Charka Power Play
    Each skip can nominate one end (from 10th to the 18th end) as a Charka Power Play. The nomination must be made to the opposition skip before the start of the end, and must be noted on the rink board by circling the relevant end. If you win the end then your shots are doubled for that end. If you lose the end then scoring is as normal.



1 point per end
7 points for the winner on shots
25 points in total

Bonus points are also available!

1 Bonus point for losing by 4 shots or less
1 Bonus point for winning by 15 shots or more


We will play straight through with no tea break. There will be boerewors rolls and plenty of drinks after the game ā€“ and of course, the Spit Braai after the last game.


Enjoy the competition!



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